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          make an ideal gift        at any time of year.  

Available for classes or private lessons.  

Contact us for more details.      

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are for YOU
if you want to :

‘Fast-track’ your learning process

Learn for a particular occasion

‘Get up to speed’ with an existing class

Catch up on classes missed

Take additional study for medal tests or competitions.

Have a work schedule that does not allow you to attend regular classes.

Or it may simply be that you feel uncomfortable with, or lack the confidence to join in classes generally and feel that you would learn better with private tuition.

Whatever your situation, we can help.  

Lessons are available by arrangement.

Telephone and speak to either Richard or Jennie or, if you already come to class, just speak to us directly!

Please note that Cancellation of any booking must be notified to us by no later than 2pm of previous working day failing which lesson will be chargeable.